Location sound, foley, sound studios or sound designer? We have the solutions for all your audio needs for movies and television.

Sound engineers

Our sound engineers are well-renowned and have many years of experience of audio in the movie and television industry. We make sure to match our sound engineers’ expertise with the productions’ needs. Our sound engineers work cost-effective, which gives you less hours in post-production.

Sound system rental

We provide location sound equipment of the highest quality and recognized brands. The equipment is user-friendly, and it is ready for immediate usage once on set.


The sound of a man walking in sand, a dog running on a parquet flooring or a stone smashing through a window. Our competent foley artists will make any sound in a movie or television production sound even better with their endless creativity and sure instinct.

Sound post production coordinator

Are you looking for someone to coordinate the sound post production? Thanks to years of experience and a huge network within the movie and television industry, our sound post production coordinator is sure to find custom-made solutions for your production.

Sound post production

We provide sound design, mixing and audio post production. All the members of our team pride themselves in making every soundscape as correct and convincing as possible.

Sound studio rental

On the historical premises of Innovatum, in the Film i Väst-building in Trollhättan, we can provide several different sound studios for your production. The studios are all fully-equipped.

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