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​Imagine grumpy old Ove yelling bitterly to everyone in his neighborhood. Imagine tennis balls swooshing by, forceful explosions and the sound of a light caress. Enric Production has contributed to the authenticity of the soundscape in more than a hundred well-known movie and television productions over the years.


Enric is located in Trollhättan, in Västra Götaland, but we work internationally. We offer both individual and complete audio solutions for movie and television productions around the world.


You can feel safe doing businesses with Enric Production. Our team is professional and customer oriented. Our team members are well-educated and have long experience of audio in the movie and television industry.

We also have a great and close cooperation with some of the most prominent sound engineers and audio businesses in the Nordic countries. This makes it possible for us to offer you custom-made solutions.

Customer oriented

We take personal responsibility for our customers wants and needs. We are problem solving, efficient and respectful.


We are highly competent and give our absolute best to every production. We are dedicated, respectful, loyal and positive. 


Our economy and organization are in order. We are a sound and trustworthy business, constantly looking for ways to evolve.


Enric Production was established over 20 years ago by the sound engineer Henric Andersson. In the beginning we worked with audio at concerts, festivals and theaters, but by the year 2000 we changed our focus to the movie and television industry after working with the movie Dancer in the dark by Lars von Trier. And we have expanded steadily ever since.

Today we offer sound engineers and audio equipment on set as well as foley and other sound post production services. In the year 2017 Henric Andersson and Peter Adolfsson were nominated for Best sound/sound design in Golden Girl. In the same year, our foley artist Lucas Nilsson was awarded a Golden Reel Award for the foley work on The King’s Choice.

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Henric Andersson in 2017 for Best sound/sound design in the documentary Golden Girl.

Lucas Nilsson for the foley work in The King's Choice, which was awarded Best foreign movie by MPSE in 2017.

Awards & nominations

Golden Reel Award

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